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Stratovarius – Enigma: Intermission II (2018)

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Finland | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 176 MB
Melodic Power Metal | Label : earMUSIC


1. Enigma (New Song)
2. Hunter (From 'Nemesis' Limited Edition)
3. Hallowed (From 'Elysium' Collector's Edition)
4. Burn Me Down (New Song)
5. Last Shore (From 'Elysium' Collector's Edition)
6. Kill it with Fire (From 'Nemesis' Japanese Edition)
7. Oblivion (New Song)
8. Second Sight (From 'Polaris' Japanese Edition)
9. Fireborn (From 'Nemesis' Limited Edition)
10. Giants (From 'Eternal' Japanese Edition)
11. Castaway (From 'Elysium' Japanese Edition)
12. Old Man and the Sea (From 'Nemesis' Vinyl Edition)
13. Fantasy (New Orchestral Version)
14. Shine in the Dark (New Orchestral Version)
15. Unbreakable (New Orchestral Version)
16. Winter Skies (New Orchestral Version)

Total playing time 01:14:55

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