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Cinderella – The Mercury Years (5CD BOX) (2018)

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FLAC, Lossless | Hard Rock, Glam-Rock | 2,14 Gb

A new 5-CD box set, Cinderella – The Mercury Years, will bring together all the band’s studio albums, as well as a selection of B-Sides and live tracks, several of which are previously unreleased. The collection arrives on September 28 through Caroline International.

Formed in Philadelphia in 1982, Cinderella was forged initially as a glam and heavy metal band before shifting into a more traditional heavy rock and blues-based sound. The band had a string of multi-platinum albums (with an estimated 15 million sold worldwide) and hit singles such as “Gypsy Road” and “Nobody’s Fool.”

The set, in collaboration with the band’s lead singer, principal songwriter and guitarist, Tom Keifer, is housed in a clamshell box with a 16-page booklet containing a new interview with Keifer on the band’s history and legacy by journalist Malcolm Dome.

Cinderella – The Mercury Years was mastered by Andy Pearce from original tapes (where available) and includes:

Night Songs: The band’s 1986 debut album hit number three in the U.S., was certified triple platinum and spawned the singles “Nobody’s Fool” (which reached #13 on the Hot 100) and “Somebody Save Me.”

Long Cold Winter: Their second album, released in 1988, was the start of a departure from the glam metal of their debut moving into more of a blues-rock sound. It broke into the Top 10 of the U.S. album chart and was again certified triple platinum, thanks largely to the power ballad, “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” at #12, the band’s biggest chart hit.
Heartbreak Station: The 1990 released reached #19 in the U.S. It sold over one million copies and was certified platinum. It’s described as a much more gritty blues-rock album than the previous two.

Still Climbing: The band’s final studio album was originally planned to be released in 1991, but was delayed when Keifer lost his voice. It was ultimately released in 1994.

The fifth and final disc is a collection of B-sides (“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”) and live recordings, including six songs from a live ep released in Japan: “The More Things Change,” “Somebody Save Me,” “Heartbreak Station,” “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone),” “Gypsy Road” and “Shake Me.”

Keifer has several tour dates this fall.

CD1 (1986 Night Songs) (57:01)

01. Night Songs (4:13)
02. Shake Me (3:44)
03. Nobody's Fool (4:48)
04. Nothin' for Nothin' (3:32)
05. Once Around the Ride (3:21)
06. Hell On Wheels (2:47)
07. Somebody Save Me (3:13)
08. In from the Outside (4:05)
09. Push, Push (2:49)
10. Back Home Again (3:29)
Bonus Tracks
11. Nobody's Fool (Single Edit) (3:59)
12. Shake Me (from "The Live EP") (5:19)
13. Galaxy Blues (from "The Live EP") (6:00)
14. Night Songs (from "The Live EP") (5:14)

CD2 (1988 Long Cold Winter) (51:52)
01. Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin' Apart at the Seams (5:19)
02. Gypsy Road (3:54)
03. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (5:54)
04. The Last Mile (3:48)
05. Second Wind (3:57)
06. Long Cold Winter (5:22)
07. If You Don't Like It (4:08)
08. Coming Home (4:54)
09. Fire and Ice (3:19)
10. Take Me Back (3:16)
Bonus Tracks
11. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (Single Edit) (3:41)
12. Coming Home (Single Edit) (4:01)

CD3 (1990 Heartbreak Station) (01:06:53)
01. The More Things Change (4:22)
02. Love's Got Me Doin' Time (5:19)
03. Shelter Me (4:47)
04. Heartbreak Station (4:28)
05. Sick for the Cure (3:59)
06. One for Rock and Roll (4:27)
07. Dead Man's Road (6:36)
08. Make Your Own Way (4:14)
09. Electric Love (5:22)
10. Love Gone Bad (4:20)
11. Winds of Change (5:34)
Bonus Tracks
12. Shelter Me (Radio Edit) (4:20)
13. Move Over (from Once Upon A Greatest Hits) (3:44)
14. War Stories (from Once Upon A Greatest Hits) (5:00)

CD4 (1994 Still Climbing) (53:29)
01. Bad Attitude Shuffle (5:32)
02. All Comes Down (5:06)
03. Talk Is Cheap (3:57)
04. Hard to Find the Words (5:44)
05. Blood from a Stone (4:50)
06. Still Climbing (5:22)
07. Freewheelin' (3:06)
08. Through the Rain (5:05)
09. Easy Come Easy Go (4:34)
10. The Road's Still Long (6:03)
11. Hot & Bothered (3:59)

CD 5 (Live Bonus Tracks) (01:12:43)
01. Jumping Jack Flash (Single B-Side) (3:31)
02. Nobody's Fool (Single B-Side) (6:12)
03. Push Push (Single B-Side) (3:12)
05. Somebody Save Me (Single B-Side) (3:30)
06. In from the Outside (Single B-Side) (3:47)
07. Rock Me Baby/Bring It On Home (Single B-Side) (3:11)
08. Second Wind (Single B-Side) (6:48)
09. The More Things Change (5:22)
10. Somebody Save Me (3:57)
11. Heartbreak Station (5:00)
12. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (5:15)
13. Gypsy Road (12:00)
14. Shake Me (5:40)

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