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Vanilla JavaScript: Progressive Web Applications

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Users now expect app-like experiences from mobile sites. But how do developers make their web-based projects behave like native apps? Progressive web apps (PWAs) are the answer. They fit any form factor, can function offline, and feel like native apps—without the difficulty or expense of native app development. This course shows how to turn an existing website into a progressive web app using nothing more than Vanilla JavaScript. Instructor Tom Duffy explains how to build in offline capabilities, automated installation prompts, and notifications—features that will delight and engage your users. Plus, learn how to implement push notifications and provide features that even advanced platforms like iOS are missing.

Topics include:
What is a progressive web app?
Adding a web app manifest to an existing app
Creating icons for progressive web apps
Registering service workers
Cleaning up iOS limitations
Displaying and interacting with notifications
Subscribing to and managing push notifications


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  1. Vanilla JavaScript:渐进式Web应用 用户目前希望从移动站点获得如app一样的体验。但是开发者如何能够让他们基于web的项目表现如原生的app那样呢?渐进式web应用可以解决这个问题。他们适用于任何表单元素,可以表现为离线并感觉如原生app一样——而无需耗费原生应用开发那样的大力气。本教程将会为你带来如何只是用Vanilla JavaScript,就将一个已有的网站转换为一个渐进式web应用的。讲师Tom Duffy将会讲解如何开发离线功能、自动化安装提示和提示功能,用以取悦和关注你的用户。 主要内容: • 何为渐进式web应用? • 将web app manifest添加到已有的app • 为PWA创建图标 • 注册service worker • 清除iOS限制 • 显示和与提示互动 • 订阅和管理推送服务
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