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Sun Ra – The Early Albums Collection 1957-1963 (2018) MP3/FLAC

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MP3 CBR 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) | Jazz | 05:26:09 | 4CD | 767 / 1600 Mb


01. Braineville
02. Call For All Demons
03. Transitition
04. Possession
05. Street Named Hell
06. Lullaby for Realville
07. Future
08. New Horizons
09. Fall Off the Log
10. Sun Song
11. El Is a Sound of Joy
12. Overtones of China
13. Two Tones
14. Paradise
15. Planet Earth
16. Ankh
17. Saturn
18. Reflections in Blue
19. El Victor


01. India
02. Sunology
03. Advice To Medics
04. Super Blonde
05. Soft Talk
06. Sunology Part II
07. Kingdom Of Not
08. Portrait Of The Living Sky
09. Blues At Midnight
10. El Is A Sound Of Joy
11. Springtime In Chicago
12. Medicine For A Nightmare
13. Onward
14. Somewhere In Space
15. Interplanetary Music
16. Interstellar Low Ways
17. Space Loneliness
18. Space Aura
19. Rocket Number Nine Take Off For The Planet Venus


01. Hours After
02. Horoscope
03. Images
04. Blues At Midnight
05. Enlightenment
06. Saturn
07. Velvet
08. Ancient Aiethopia
09. Bassism
10. Of Sounds And Something Else
11. What's That?
12. Where Is Tomorrow?
13. The Beginning
14. China Gates
15. New Day
16. Tapestry From An Asteroid
17. Jet Flight
18. Looking Outward
19. Space Jazz Reverie


01. Circe
02. The Nile
03. Brazilian Sun
04. We Travel The Spaceways
05. Calling Planet Earth
06. Dancing Shadows
07. The Rainmaker
08. When Sun Comes Out
09. Dreaming
10. Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie
11. Bye Bye
12. Somebody's In Love
13. It's Christmas Time
14. Happy New Year To You
15. Muck Muck (Matt Matt)
16. Hot Skillet Mama
17. I'm Coming Home
18. Last Call For Love
19. Urnack
20. State Street
21. The Blue Set
22. Big City Blues
23. October

A true maverick in every sense of the word, Sun Ra remains one of the most influential, innovative and controversial figures in jazz. An exceptional composer, pianist and bandleader, Ra and his amorphous Arkestra embraced a vast array of styles from the entire jazz spectrum, from swing to bebop, free jazz to fusion and avant-garde to space music, while often adopting extravagant personas and costumes, and giving performances that pioneered the Afrofuturism movement. Never a great commercial success, Sun Ra boasts one of the largest discographies of any recording artist, having released over 100 LPs and numerous compositions. Of notable interest is the early part of Sun Ra s career, when his experimental nature was first developing. Sun Ra s career would remain as eclectic and exciting as ever it was throughout the rest of his life, as he continued to push boundaries and influence countless musicians within the world of jazz and beyond. He passed away on 30th May 1993 at the age of 79, but after death, his legacy lived on, as the Arkestra continued to operate in his honour, playing the great man s compositions to this very day. This collection brings together seven full albums, and many early singles, featuring more than five hours of music from the early part of his career as bandleader. Documenting the development of his music from 1955 to 1963, this set goes some way to unraveling the depths of this master musician and wholly unique individual s music.

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