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Truefire Guitar Lab Harnessing Slurs TUTORiAL

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Truefire Guitar Lab Harnessing Slurs TUTORiAL screenshotP2P | 09 October 2018 | 1.06 GB

A common occurence when utilizing slurs on the guitar is an inaccuracy of rhythm. This course is designed to assist players at all levels in the application of hammer-ons, pull-offs, and legato slides. You will study the principles of rhythm through playing riffs over various jam tracks. We will start with understanding how to count the rhythm of a riff and then we will generate ideas by using the concept of rhythmic displacement. You will receive chord/scale theory which will assist you in creating strong melodic ideas. This theory will include arpeggios, pentatonic scales, and modes. The options of alternate picking vs. consecutive down or up strokes will be presented to aid in equipping you for any groove at any tempo.

27 Total Video Lessons:

-Guitar Lab: Harnessing Slurs Introduction
-Understanding Rhythm Quarter Notes
-Understanding Rhythm Eighth Notes
-Understanding Rhythm Sixteenth Notes
-Chord / Scale Theory Arpeggios
-Chord / Scale Theory Pentatonic Scales
-Chord / Scale Theory Modes
-Rhythmic Architecture Riff 1
-Rhythmic Architecture Riff 2
-Rhythmic Architecture Riff 3
-Rhythmic Architecture Riff 4
-Rhythmic Architecture Sixteenth Note Picking
-Eighth Notes Picking vs. Slurs pt. 1
-Eighth Notes Picking vs. Slurs pt. 2
-Eighth and Sixteenth Notes Picking vs. Slurs pt. 3
-Understanding Rhythm Eighth Note Triplets
-Understanding Rhythm Swing Eighth Notes
-Rhythmic Architecture Pt. 1 Swing Eighths and Triplets
-Rhythmic Architecture Pt. 2 Swing Eighths and Triplets
-Understanding Rhythm Quarter Note Triplets
-Rhythmic Feel Playing Behind the Beat
-Rhythmic Feel Playing Ahead of the Beat
-Solo over Still There Liquid Phrasing
-Solo over Blues in G Liquid Phrasing
-Understanding Rhythm Sixteenth Note Triplets pt. 1
-Understanding Rhythm Sixteenth Note Triplets pt. 2
-Understanding Rhythm Sixteenth Note Triplets pt. 3


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