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Cype Software 2018.j x32/x64

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Cype Software 2018.j
Cype software 内置有广泛的可用的国家和国际性代码,可被用于执行钢筋混凝土、钢材、焊接
Cype software 2016o的建筑服务程序包含的设计代码被用于分析和设计建筑服务(供水、废水、空调、太
使用,现在被用于结构检查,或者它们目前仍然适用于其它国家)。CYPE Ingenieros是一家为建筑、工程
和施工人员设计的技术软件,Cype software  由多个模块组成,它允许工程师们分析各种类型的结构

Cype Software 2018.j | 7.0 Gb

CYPE Ingenieros S.A. has presented CYPE software 2018.j. This module solution for Analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, design of steel and wood sections, including foundations, Soil retention elements, Box culverts and Project Management.

About CYPE software. Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction CYPE programs have a wide range of national and international codes available which are applied to carry out the analysis, design and check of reinforced concrete, rolled steel, welded steel, cold-formed steel, composite, aluminium and timber structures for gravitational, wind, seismic and snow loads.

CYPE's building services programs contain design codes which are used to analyse and design building services (water supply, waste water, air conditioning, solar capture for hot sanitary water, lightning protection, lighting, gas, electricity and telecommunication installations), and to check thermal and acoustic insulation, the building's energy certification and fire safety.

Amongst the codes contemplated in CYPE software are codes currently in force, and those which a no longer in use but are still required, either to check structures which were designed when they could be applied, or because they are still applicable in countries other than those of their origin.

Depending on the country where the user acquires the license (or where he/she specifically chooses to acquire it), only the design codes corresponding to that country will be activated for each program, regardless of the language in which it is installed.
Cype Software 2018.j
About CYPE Ingenieros, S.A. CYPE is a firm that develops and distributes technical software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals. CYPE’s journey began in 1983 with an intense activity in the field of engineering and structural analysis, which motivated the computer development of applications to cover its own needs and those of its clients. The success of these programs led the company to concentrate its activity in the development, commercialisation and distribution of technical software. As a result of this work, CYPE occupies a leading position within the sector, offering a variety of programs that stand out due to the wide range of casuistry that is dealt with, the reliability of the results and the ease with which they can be managed.

Product: CYPE software
Version: 2018.j
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page : http://www.cype.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista or newer / Server 2003 or 2008
Size: 7.0 Gb


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