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Real World Node.js Projects

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Instructors: Dimitris Loukas, Mohammad Hunan Chughtai
A practical guide to building high-performance server-side applications with Node.js and the essentials of MERN Stack

Node.js is a performance-efficient server-side platform which makes writing backend code simple and fun. Since it is written in JavaScript, it is the perfect tool for full-stack development because it allows you to have your entire codebase in one language.

In this course, you will learn a broad range of skills to build high-performance real-world applications with MERN Stack. You will start by developing a voting application, focusing on server-side tasks with Node.js and Express and then communicating from the server-side to the client with EJS. Then you will learn about WebSockets and real-time communication, which will lead on to developing a full-stack messaging application. Next, you will discover microservices and cloud storage with AWS and upload assets, such as images, video files, documents, and more.

Moving on, you will create a Node.js API and interact with it using the very popular library, React. Ultimately, this will lead to your creating a full-stack shopping application and connecting it to the backend API using the MERN stack. By the end of the course, you will have adapted to using a broad range of Node.js skills and JavaScript technologies to create highly performant, full-stack applications.

Style and Approach

This course adopts a practical approach, where students will learn a broad range of skills while completing full-stack projects. The course is split up into sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This will allow novice developers to learn new skills as they go, and allow intermediate and advanced developers to refresh their skills and learn complex skills and common industry practices.

What You Will Learn

Broaden your Node.js knowledge with a diverse set of skills by building real-world projects
Interact with the file system with Node.js
Communicate from a server to the client with EJS
Use the four common HTTP requests
Upload images, video files, and documents on-cloud storage using AWS Microservice S3
Work with WebSockets and to create a messaging application
Master object-oriented JavaScript with Node.js and React
Create an interactive client-side user interface

Real World Node.js Projects


Download rapidgator

Download nitroflare

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  1. Node.js真实项目 这是一部使用的教程,用来指导你使用Node.js开发高性能的服务器方应用和基础的MERN栈。 Node.js是一款高性能的服务器方平台,它可以令编写后台代码变得简单和有趣。由于它是使用JavaScript编写的,这样凭借其全部的代码都是由一种语言所构成,使其成为全栈开发的完美工具。 在本教程中,你将学习到开发高性能真实应用的许多技能。你将从开发一个投票应用开始,使用Node.js和Express主要开发服务器端任务,然后通过EJS从服务器端到客服端进行通信。然后你将学习WebSocket和实时通信,这些是开发全栈通信应用所需要先期学习的。接下来,你将学习使用AWS微服务和云存储并上传资源,如图片、视频文件、文档等。 在学习过程中,你将开发一个Node.js API并使用非常流行的React类库进行交互。最终,你会开发一个全栈购物应用并使用MERNN栈将其连接到后台API。学习完本教程,你将数量使用各种Node.js技能和JavaScript技术开发高性能全栈应用。 本教程采取实战型风格,学员将会在完成全栈项目的同时学习很多技能。本教程分为初级、中级和高级几个部分。这将会让一个新手在学习过程中逐渐成长为一名有经验的程序员。 主要内容: • 通过开发真实的项目扩展Node.js知识 • 使用Node.js与文件系统交互 • 使用ejs从服务器端与客户通信 • 使用四种常见的HTTP请求 • 使用AWS微服务上传图片、视频和文档到云存储 • 处理WebSocket和,开发一个通信应用 • 使用Node.js和react掌握面向对象JavaScript • 开发一个交互的客服端用户界面
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