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Softorino iRingg 1.1.19

Softorino iRingg 1.1.19
iRingg 可以让你从轻松制作个性化铃声,轻松修剪iTunes资料库中歌曲的音频片段,或在SoundCloud、YouTube上找到喜欢的音乐。iRingg可以添加声音效果或录制自己的声音并使用滤镜创建极个性化的铃声,然后将铃声直接推送至iPhone(有线或无线连接),并且会显示在默认铃声里面。

Languages: English | File Size: 64.36 MB

2 in 1: Create a Unique Ringtone and Push Into iPhone in One-Click. Ringtones can be more than just a sound. It started with 'Let's make a simple ringtone maker' and evolved into a tiny platform for creating personalized ‘ringgs’ that stick and amuse.

6-Sense is a brand-new technology which is paving the way for a completely new experience. Built on machine learning, 6-Sense surveys your local iTunes on computer & device music library on iPhones to collect listening data and habits. Data-learning algorithm analyzes all elements and predicts which tracks you might like as ringtones.

SndMoji™ + Voice
It could be funny. It could be silly. It could be smart. Either way – it would be personal. With SndMoji™ you can add a personal touch to the ringtone using cool sound effects and completely change its mood and feel.

100.000.000 Sounds
Any video or music track on SoundCloud or YouTube can become a ringtone now. Search, click, done. Just remember – it's for your personal use only (and no copyrights violated).

Push to iPhone
Ability to push freshly created ringtones directly to an iPhone makes iRingg absolutely unique. Without this – it wouldn't make sense. With the integrated UCB & αWiFi technologies, simply connect your iPhone via Wi-Fi (or cable) and seamlessly transfer your new ringtone into iPhone’s default ringtones section.

Experience that enchants.
Each part of iRingg has been designed for clarity. If something does not need to be there – it's not there.

It’s your ringtone studio, iTunes alternative, and everything in between.
This is the most advanced product we've ever built that completely changes the way others hear your iPhone.

- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

System Requirements:
- Windows 10 32/64 bit
- Windows 8 32/64 bit
- Windows 7 32/64 bit


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